Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coffee...a "NEED"...

Good dreary Thursday morning friends!!  It's cold and rainy outside...and I wish I could say I was cozy on my couch, with coffee in hand, posting on my blog...BUT I can't.  It's a little more like this...of course it's still cold and rainy out...i'm mostly cozy, coffee is getting colder and I'm standing in the kitchen working on this post, with a noisy little, nerf gun shooting 2 yr old sitting (on the counter) next to me:)  Such is my life! (and I'm not complaining).

Regardless of the current conditions, inside or out, today is a GOOD day because I've been encouraged to do a "give-away"!!!  I know, I know, you can't contain your excitement...and that's ok, let it out, do a little dance in your one will care:)

This post & give-away is totally, 100% centered around one of my FAV things...COFFEE!!!  Who's with me?!?
a Christmas gift from my parents one year...and now my FAV's so cheery!

So, would you say coffee is a "NEED" for you? or do you just simply "want" it sometimes?  Due to the whole lack of caffeine inducing headache thing, I consider it a need;) although sometimes I simply want it, for it's soothing deliciousness!! 

What's your coffee of choice?  I don't have ONE particular brand, or favorite, although DD and Starbucks rate pretty high, in my opinion.

A recent great deal at a local grocery store....LOVE those deals!

Now for some other fun coffee shots....

my little "friends"...

...along with my big friend  :)

Finally, let's get to the give-away.....since most likely, that's the reason for your visit today:)  With a simple comment below, you will have a chance to win a bag of the deliciousness pictured above (and below)!!!  For another chance to win, (or having your name entered twice in the drawing), simply share this blog on your facebook page...let's see how many coffee lovers want to visit here, for their chance to win!

Here's the prize...

THIS could be YOURS!

Don't forget to comment and share....*here's to hoping*!

P.S. If you'd love more info on homeschooling, OR to just connect with some awesome moms, head on over to this blog:, and check it out!


  1. I love coffee too! And, yeah, I consider it a 'need' also. One of the things I always consider whenever we go away on vacation is 'Where will I get my morning coffee?'.

    So, enter me in that drawing!

  2. Oh, and I'm sharing you on Facebook too!

  3. I used to NEED coffee, except recently I wake up without wanting any. I end up wanting some mid-day for the simple enjoyable goodness. :)

  4. Since i have four kids too - boys - i need coffee. And with a birthday boy today as well as one down with the flu and a snowstorm to arrive tonight...super need coffee. My absolute MUST HAVE for snowstorms is coffee. Totally. And anything vanilla caramel is my fav. Thanks for having a giveaway, and thanks to Karen for telling me about it!

  5. AND, i just posted this on twitter. :)

    1. thanks denise...i just can't seem to get into twitter...but my hubby loves it!

  6. And facebook too...but I know you only asked for facebook, I am just letting you know I did both. Just count me for twice, that's fine. I have a life is good cup of my new favs. :)

    Watch out for those nerfs!

  7. Coffee is an absolute necessity for this homeschooling mom! : ) I'd love to win. Blessings to you.

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  9. Coffee is both a need and a comfort. It is the first thing I think of in the morning, I run the bath for my son and head to start the coffee maker. I am not particular to brands but it must be a fresh cup ( I tend to be a snob like that ) I dislike the burnt coffee, reheated, and as I am experiencing this morning coffee without my yummy creamer but enjoying the warmth of it anyway
    Life is good with a good friend and a good cup of coffee ....

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  11. I signed up just for this coffee. I better win!!!